GateManager Own Server Configuration
  • 11 Oct 2021
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GateManager Own Server Configuration

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This article will provide an overview of some of the features available in the GateManager Server>Config.

The GateManager 'Server'-tab is only available for Server Administrators on a GateManager Own.

LinkManager Mobile Max Login Time

This parameter is accessed by going to Server>Config>Account Settings [Expert Mode] If this parameter is set to a non-zero value, LinkManager Mobile users will be unconditionally logged out that many hours after login.

In practice, the logout does not happen instantly at that time, but rather at the next user interaction with the server after that time.

Notice that the user may still be logged out earlier due to an idle timeout.

Important note:
If the logged out user has any active GTA connections, those connections will remain open until they are closed by the user, by the device, or are terminated due to an inactivity timeout.

GateManager Login Filter

This parameter is accessed by going to Server>Config>Account Settings [Expert Mode]

Normally, accounts of any type can login from anywhere provided that the user can connect with HTTPS to port 443 on the GateManager server. This setting can be used to limit logins to all Server Administrator accounts based on the source IP address of the HTTPS connection.

This setting specifies a list of the source IP addresses that are allowed (format: X.X.X.X or X.X.X.X/NN) or blocked (format: !X.X.X.X/NN) note that exclamation mark [!] indicated that an IP address is blocked.
If the list is empty, all source addresses are allowed (the default setting). You can also use the @-symbol as a shorthand for all private subnets ( and

When checking a source IP address, the list is parsed from left to right, looking for the first match allowing or blocking that address. If no match is found, the address is blocked.

For example, the setting " !" only allows connections from,, and all 10.1.x.x addresses except for the other addresses in the 10.1.2.x subnet (which are blocked by the second element).

Setting the Server Administrator login filter incorrectly may prevent future logins to manage this server.

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