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Secomea GateManager 8250 Release 9.4

Added - CVE-2020-29030
Added - CVE-2020-29029
Added - CVE-2020-29028
Added - CVE-2020-29032

Other Updates
Updated - Filter audit information shown to LinkManager Users about other users.
Updated - Update mbedTLS version in GateManager

Bug fixes
Fixed - Accounts with spaces in mobile number fail to use Forgot Password
Fixed - The default Administrator account password should be changed on the first-time login.
Fixed - WSAPI Only Listening on a single interface
Fixed - Firmware upload corrupts files if Trust Nobody is selected
Fixed - CNAME check may fail because the negative answer is cached for too long (let's Encrypt cert.)
Fixed - Scripts are corrupted with no warning if "trust noone" is set.
Fixed - GateManager Forgot Password still may fail with outlook safe-links
Fixed - Issues with HTTP service and DNS-based GTA on GateManager v9.3
Fixed - WWW buttons are not shown if GTA port range is 0-0 even when DNS-based GTA is enabled
Fixed - Authentication type blocks cause issues.
Fixed  - GateManager 'Test' mail fail to show < and >
Fixed - GateManager Server setting will revert to previous after a few seconds
Fixed - Issues with HTTP service and DNS-based GTA on GM v9.3
Fixed - NoVNC InBrowser does not work in LMM fullscreen (Add to Home Screen)
Fixed - GateManager account login might fail after running Tidy Domain (21-04-2021)

Creation date: 10/02/2021 09:14 (skr@secomea.com)      Updated: 23/04/2021 15:41 (pnl@secomea.com)