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How to enable DNS-Based Go To Appliance (GTA)


This article will provide information about how to enable/configure DNS-Based GTA. Available from 9.3

Your GateManager should already be installed and running as described in our Installation Guides. They also require a public DNS name and TCP port 443 and 80 accessible from the world-wide web and the GateManager must have a DNS server that can resolve public DNS names.

The DNS-Based Go To Appliance feature requires a wildcard certificate for the GateManager address (e.g. *.gm.secomea.com). We generally recommend using Let's Encrypt for this feature.

Installing a Let's Encrypt Wildcard Certificate

Start by clicking the button "Free Cert" under "Server" > "Certificates"

Create a new Certificate by filling out the information as shown below and click "Register". You now have a normal "Let's Encrypt Certificate"

To get a wildcard certificate you will need to complete the following steps as shown below.

Once all steps shown above is completed, you can enable the "DNS-Based GTA" Option in the GateManager Configuration as shown below:

You have now enabled DNS-Based GTA

Using your own Certificate

After installing your own wildcard certificate you can enable the feature as shown below.
You have now enabled DNS-Based GTA

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