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Secomea GateManager 8250 Release 9.3A



Other Updates
Added - Ad-blocker to the LinkManager Troubleshooting screen in the GateManager GUI.
Added - New agent for BRC-46 PLC
Added - Support for creating "Server Administrators" via CRM API.
Added - Add support for including wildcard in certificate request (CSR) file.
Updated - GateManager's "copy to clipboad" features now use a modern Clipboard API.
Updated - Agents: Pepperl & Fuchs.
Updated - Label and help for the "LinkManager Auto-Logout" domain setting. (Specifying that this feature is only available for LM 7.x Clients)
Removed - Support for upgrading from GateManager 4.x to GateManager 9.3A and newer.

Bug fixes
Fixed - Uploading a web server certificate via the "paste box". This was broken by the file suffix check added in 9.2B
Fixed - Logo upload if users select the logo and then uncheck/recheck the "Local logo" box.


Using Edge Browser on a slow connection
If you are using the new or old version of "Microsoft Edge" you might see a screen that shows "Well, that didn't work" as shown below, if you are on a slow connection and trying to use DNS-Based Go To Appliance (GTA). Please be patient and wait, it will connect you to the device. This is casued by how "Microsoft Edge" handles about:blank# link.

Renewal Notification from Let's Encrypt when switching to GTA-Based Go To Appliance (GTA)
If you are already using Let's Encrypt on your GateManager and you switch to the wildcard Let's Encrypt certificate required by GTA-Based Go To Appliance (GTA). You might still recieve a renewal notification from Let's Encrypt when the old certificate is about to expire. This notification can safely be ignored. (Make sure the notification is about the non-wildcard certificate.)
Creation date: 13/10/2020 16:00 (mvn@secomea.com)      Updated: 22/03/2021 10:17 (jmp@secomea.com)
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