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DCC v1.6 Release note

Release 1.6:



  • Text formating widget
    • Text widgets, including dynamic values from a sample point.
  • Widget layout organized in tab sections
    • Option to select the design for each widget, and further select whether to display the frame for
    • the widget if it is set to be transparent
  • Symbol widget
    • Show symbol with overlay colour and text based on the conditional value of sample point data.
    • Option for selecting multiple sample points.
  • OEE gauge real-time targets
    • Introduced a target area for OEE gauges. Defaults to disabled for legacy compatibility. Default
    • The target value is 90%.


  • Disable alarm
    • Silence an alarm without having to delete it.
  • Alarm log
    • Insight into the alarm history
    • Insight into overall alarm history
  • Alarm test
    • Added button for testing of alarms


  • Event browser 
    • Removed unnecessary input fields
    • Removed maximum samples per sample point
    • Removed chart legend placement
    • Update tooltip
    • Tooltip now shows start- and stop time and duration
    • Add production state
  • OEE 
    • OEE calculations info
    • Introduced the mathematics behind OEE when a simple widget OEE widget is added.
  • Batch 
    • Resize the name to fit the widget
    • If the sample point name is too large for the widget, resize the name to fit the widget
    • Show legends if line chart depends on the batch
    • Link Report generator to batch
    • Possibility to link Report generator with Batch, so reports can be based on the batch timeline.
  • Dashboard 
    • Spinner while loading data
    • Show spinner while loading historical data
    • Historical data initialization
    • Introduced to the latest data if real-time is not ready.
    • Data translation click
    • Fixed an issue where clicking the Data Translation menu list item would not display proper modal
  • Value 
    • Option to select timestamp for last value
    • Opportunity to select timestamp for last value, so it can present last value more simply
  • Background, Picture widget
    • Background image: 5 MB limit
    • Picture Widget: 1 MB limit
  • Data Viewer 
    • Remove stacked option from toolbox
    • It served no purpose
    • Data consistency
    • The deselection of sample points removes them from the data viewer
  • Mobile dashboard 
    • Mobile dashboard responsiveness
    • Fixed-mobile dashboard layout
  • Report 
    • Report UTC time
    • Report generator converts local time to UTC
  • Clock 
    • Clock widget redesign
    • It is now possible to display clock widget with analogue or digital display
  • Gauge
    • Gauge redesign
    • The gauge widget has been given a graphical boost so it is now possible to change several parameters
  • Temperature 
    • Temperature redesign
    • Change skin between dark and light
  • API
    • POST API
    • The DCC now supports both POST and GET for Gatemanagers
  • LMM user 
    • Spaces in LMM user
    • The DCC now supports spaces in the LMM username

Creation date: 02/10/2020 11:48 (tvo@secomea.com)      Updated: 05/05/2021 15:10 (ran@secomea.com)