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Siemens TIA V16 - How to solve connection issues


This guide is a temporary solution to using Secomea LinkManager and TIA portal v16

NOTE! Valid for LinkManager versions >8.0 and <9.3
With LinkManager v9.3, Siemens TIA v16 and below is fully supported. 

This workaround allows you to remote access your Siemens PLC and HMI with TIA 16.

  1. Ensure that LinkManager is not running, this can be checked in the lower right corner next to the clock, if there is a LinkManager icon, right-click and click "Exit".

  2. Ensure you have the newest LinkManager installed by downloading and installing from here:

Agent Setup:

On the SiteManager you want to connect to you must create a "Layer 2 agent".

Note: The "Layer2 agent" will by default provide full network access to everything on the DEV1 network, so it is highly recommended that you fill in the Device IP Address and/or the Device MAC Address fields of the PLC or HMI in question so that access from LinkManager is restricted to just this device.

  1. Access the SiteManager GUI via the GateManager.
  2. SiteManager, create an agent with Device Type: "Generic" and choose "Layer2" agent.
  3. Fill out the IP of the device and optionally its MAC address to limit access to the network, it is however not required, but as mentioned earlier provides increased security.

  4.  Click Save.
Create Network Bridge

  1. Click "Windows button + R", this should open the "Run" prompt.
  2. Type "cmd" and press SHIFT + CTRL + Enter, this will open Command Prompt in Administrator mode.
  3. Copy and paste "cd C:\Program Files\Secomea\LinkManager" and press enter.
    (note if you have changed the default installation folder change accordingly).
  4. Copy and paste "tapmgr create “LinkManager L2 Adapter" and press enter.
  5. Copy and paste "tapmgr create “Dummy Adapter” and press enter.
  6. Press "Windows button + R" this should open the "Run" prompt.
  7. Type "ncpa.cpl" and press enter or "ok" button.

  8. The window containing your network adapters should open.

  9. If the "LinkManager L2 Adapter" is disabled you must right-click the adapter and enable it.

  10. Now Select the "LinkManager L2 Adapter" and the Dummy Adapter and right click and choose "Bridge Connections".

  11.  Now right-click the newly created "Network Bridge" and choose "Properties".

  12.  In the new window that opens remove the checkmark from "Dummy Adapter" and click "OK".

  13. Click "Windows button + R", this should open the "Run" prompt.
  14. Type "cmd" and press SHIFT + CTRL + Enter, this will open Command Prompt in Administrator mode.
  15. Copy and paste "tapmgr remove “Dummy Adapter” and press enter.
  16. If you do not have a DHCP server setup on the DEV1 port you must follow this guide here - the "Layer 2 agent" does not work without assigning an IP to the "Layer 2 network adapter".
  17. It is recommended to reboot your PC or Virtual machine at this point as TIA may not correctly find the new Bridge Connection.

Setup TIA portal:

  1. Login to GateManager and connect to the Layer 2 agent you have created.
  2. In the TIA portal open your project as you would normally.
  3. To set the LinKManager connection as your default connection in the TIA portal do the following, else skip to step 9.

  4. In the TIA portal, select "Options" and then "Settings".

  5. In the new window find and click "Online & diagnostics" and then the subcategory "Default connection path for online access". 

  6. In "Type of the PG/PC interface", select "PNIE".

  7. In PG/PC interface, select "Microsoft Network Adapter Multiplexor Driver".
    Note: the name may vary, depending on the Windows version.

  8. Save the settings.

  9. Now "Go online" to your project as you would normally.

  10. Note: If you do not want to set the LinkManager connection as default, do the following.
    1. Choose "extended Go online.
    2. In "Type of the PG/PC interface", select "PNIE".
    3. In the PG/PC interface, select "Microsoft Network Adapter Multiplexor Driver".
    4. Click start search. 


I get the following error  - SetupDICreateDeviceInfo failed:

This happens because Command Prompt is not in elevated administrator mode - you must search for CMD in the windows search bar and right click and choose "Run as administrator".

TIA cannot find the "Microsoft Network Adapter Multiplexor Driver":
Try rebooting your machine, if this does not work contact support.

My device is located on DEV2-3 in separation mode and is not working.

Unfortunately, a Layer 2 agent only works for DEV1 and only supports DEV2-3 if they are NOT in separation mode.

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