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How to migrate from a GM4250/4260/9250 to GM8250

This guide explains how to perform a migration from GateManager 4250/4260/9250 to GateManager 8250

First, you must at least use firmware 9.0F, found here for the 4260 and 9250: https://kb.secomea.com/helpdesk/KB/View/25546482-downloads-gatemanager 
and the 4250 here: 

On the old GM do the following steps.

  1. Click Server → Status → Backup to create a new current backup locally

  2. Click server → Backups → choose the newest backup and click "Download backup"

  3. Save the backup file locally on your PC.

  4. RENAME the file to "daily-1.tgz"

On the NEW gateManager that you have installed do the following steps: 
(guide for installing an 8250 GateManager can be found below)
Debian Guide: Here
Redhat Guide: Here

  1. Go to Server → Config → and click "Edit"

  2. You now have 2 options for uploading the Backup file to the new Gatemanager, if you have an FTP server available, that is the best way to do this,
    1. If you have an FTP server fill out the FTP form with your FTP server, username and password information and then click "Save". 

    2. Alternatively, you can just fill out a folder where the backup should be done locally on the server, by filling out the "Target Directory" with /backup and making sure "backup to disk" is check marked, after that click "Save".

  3. Now click Server → status → Backup - this will start a new backup on the server, once it says it is done proceed to the next step.

  4. Depending on how your backup method you must do one of the following
    1. FTP Backup
      1. Replace the file daily-1.tgz with the file you downloaded earlier.

      2. Now restore the backup on the new server by clicking Server → Backups → and choose "daily-1" under "FTP" backups as seen in the picture below and click "Restore Backup"

    2. Local folder on the server backup
      1. Replace the file daily-1.tgz with the file you downloaded earlier in the /backup folder on the server, this can be done by using a program like "WinSCP".

      2. Now restore the backup on the new server by clicking Server → Backups → checkmark Daily1 under "Local Disk" as seen in the picture below and click "Restore Backup"

  5. Now you must checkmark everything except "Verify Only" (you can however do this first if you want to do a test first) and click "Confirm Restore" - the server will now restore the backup - just wait for it to tell you to refresh the browser.

  6. Once you refresh the browser the server is now restored -HOWEVER, you are still missing licenses - do not make any changes to the server yet -you can verify that users have been created under the "Tree" view
  7. Once you confirm that there is data restored on the server you must now send a mail.
    1. To: 
    2. Subject:
      Migration of GateManager done- please provide migration license.
    3. Provide the following information relating to the new GateManager in the mail
      External Public Hostname:    - (This found under "Server → Config → Primary Interface Setup")
      License id:   (this is found under "Server → Status → License ID"
  8. After the mail is sent Secomea Support will create a migration license - in some cases it can be installed remotely and in other cases, you will receive a license file along with installation instructions.

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