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DCC v1.4 Release Notes

Release 1.4: 


New Features: 


  • Introduce Company Branding for DCC
    • It is now possible to have custom color template and logo for DCC.


  • Data Viewer Websocketized
    • Performance enhancement for the Data Viewer so its running on websockets similar to widgets in the dashboard


  • New Report Widget for dataexport
    • With the new Report widget it is now possible to export upto 100000 sample points in to a CSV file.


  • History Widget
    • A new widget where data can be viewed in a graph and exported directly as well.  


  • Alarm Feature
    • A brand new feature where it is possible to set up alarms sent via email or SMS if a threshold is passed or in case of data loss.


  • Daily change of LMM password (for GM 9.1)
    • With the latest release of the Gatemanager with password policy, the DCC now supports this and will update password automatically if expired.


  • Static API Key 
    • API key is now static instead of expiring every 2 days


  • Tag 9 & 10 
    • Optimization for confirming if data is sent or received by any cloud. The DCM will also support this.


  • Company Distributor Revamp
    • Optimization of the Distributors in the Account Management. Now it is possible to graphically view hierarchies.


  • GPS Coordinate Support in Map Widget
    • The Map widget now supports data types that sends GPS coordinates and live update current location.



Updates & Fixes


  • (update) Simple number & bool widget


  • (update) Gauge widget color change and font size


  • (update) Re-Organize Dashboard Menu


  • (fix) Clear value from Total OEE Gauge


  • (fix) Units convert to number if a valid numeric
    • Quality would be calculated wrong, if the units were of type string.


  • (fix) Clear data from event browser when deselecting


  • (fix) Font size for bool monitor


  • (fix) Unknown translations has same color
    • No longer generate a random grayscale color if an event is not translated using the translation


  • (fix) Remove warning that Firefox does not support ReadableStreams


  • (fix) Bool values not showing charts
    • Historical bool data was not shown in data viewer as well


  • (Fix) Go directly to Accounts after login, GateManager will not load.
Creation date: 22/07/2020 16:11 (tvo@secomea.com)      Updated: 22/07/2020 16:11 ()