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GateManager Commands


This article is for the Linux user and describes commands provided by the gm server in the Linux shell.

You can use the following commands to control the GateManager via the CLI (Command-line interface) I.E. “gm ”. The example below will show you the current status of your GateManager: 

gm status 

  • start 
    • Starts the GateManager
  • stop 
    • Stops the GateManager 

  • restart 
    • Restarts the GateManager
  • rekey 
    • Not in  use
  • status 
    • Shows the current status of the GateManager
  • list Lists 
    • connected devices
  • backup 
    • Initiates a backup
  • routes 
    • Lists current static routes 

  • recover_admin 
    • Creates a recovery admin account with a random one-time password*

  • hostname 
    • Shows Current Hostname 

  • help 
    • Shows the "help" menu
Note: The RecoveryAdmin account alias is removed on the first login. One-time password introduced with GateManager v9.3
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