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Map Widget

The regular map is used to show where a DCM or SiteManager is located physically.

The widget configurator for the map widget.

1 input from the top, is the title for the widget, can be used to specify one map from another if multiple is in use.

2 and 3 input is latitude and longitude of the location of a sample point marker, by clicking on the inputs the different selected sample points can be selected, by doing so it will automatically place the marker on top of the SiteManager/Sample point selected.

4 input is for mouseover text of the marker, this can be used as a short summary for the individual marker or just to keep track of multiple markers, if “Dynamic?” is selected, then it will automatically apply the name of the SiteManager/Sample point chosen.

5 input is selecting the colour of markers, a good tip is to use a colour that contrasts to white and grey.

6 input is the size of the marker, this will change the size of the marker on the map, it is highly suggested to have “Dynamic?” on, as otherwise it may be near impossible to find a smaller marker.

Visual demonstration of the map widget.

Creation date: 21/04/2020 09:13 (mar@secomea.com)      Updated: 21/04/2020 09:14 (mar@secomea.com)
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