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Report Generator

Generates an excel report in .csv format, it takes data from all selected sample points within the date range specified.

Widget configurator for the report generator.

1 input specifies the title for the widget, this may be used such that a dashboard can have multiple report generators while keeping them distinct and descriptive at a glance.

2 input is the font size of the above described title, see image below for visual description.

3 input is for subtext; this may be used to describe in detail the function of that individual report generator.

4 input is for the font size of the above described subtext, see image below for visual description.

The next input is the default time range of sample points, this changes the default From and To range within the widget without having to manually change the range, this input can be changed to specify time ranges between minutes to years.

Report generator widget.

The 1 input is the From and To, if the default time range has not been changed within the widget configurator then it can be manually changed here.

2 input is the maximum allowed sample points within the date range, if the amount of sample points exceeds the amount specified as max, then the latest samples will be prioritized.

In addition to the above described inputs, there are two options.

“Include header row?”, if selected it will use the selected sample point from the widget generator as the header for the row.

“Combine all samplepoints to a single file?”, if selected it will combine all selected sample points from the widget configurator into a single file, if not selected an individual report will be generator for every sample point selected.

An example of a report with multiple sample points selected.

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