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Get 4G access on a 3G (xx39) model


This article decsribes how to get 4G access on a 3G model (xx39)


This guide is useful if you need access to a 4G network with a 3G SiteManager model like 1139 3G. A working 4g USB modem is also needed, like these found here.

Steps: SiteManager configuration

1. Insert a USB 4G Modem in the USB port on the SiteManager.

2. You will need to make a dummy USB agent for the Internal GSM modem that will disable the use internal modem.  First go to Status -  Extendend (1) and look for Manufacturer SimTech or Sierra Wireless that are the brands used for GSM modems in the SiteManager. Note the Vendor  and ProdID.

3. Create a Custom (Advanced USB )agent  with the Vendor + ProdID found in the StatusExtended section with a : between them.

4. Then Reboot the SiteManager. That can be executed from Maintenance(1) -Reboot (2). After reboot the SiteManager should now use the USB modem for Uplink2.

Creation date: 16/04/2020 12:51 (gli@secomea.com)      Updated: 23/04/2020 13:17 (gli@secomea.com)
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