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OEE Widgets

In order to use OEE, the following widgets are required and must be added in the same order to the dcc:

●Batch Selector

●Event Browser

●Availability Gauge

●Quality Gauge

●Performance Gauge

●Total OEE Gauge

To find a video explaining how to set up an OEE dashboard, click this link: https://kb.secomea.com/helpdesk/KB/View/26418874-how-to-set-up-an-oee-dashboard

Batch Selector

The use of the Batch Selector is described here: https://kb.secomea.com/helpdesk/KB/View/26479337-batch-selector

Event Browser

The event browser illustrates the status of that machine over a batch period.

The event browser uses the translation module as input, a sample point (status) and the Batch Selection - thereby it can either be the raw value from the DCM or a translation value from the translation module that is displayed.

If the raw value is selected and has not been assigned a colour in translation module, the event browser will display the different value in a shade of grey.

Availability Gauge

Availability Gauge is used to show the availability of the machine as a percentage within a batch period.

Availability Gauge depends on the batch selection table (which is an input from the user) and event browser which is set up automatically.

In addition, the events that are part of the production time must be defined and marked as "running" in the translation module.

Quality Gauge

Quality Gauge shows the quality of a batch production (how many items are approved)

Quality Gauge also depends on batch selection, in addition, Quality Gauge must use total count and failures that can be added in a random order.

Performance Gauge

Performance Gauge deals with losses related to reduced production speed.

Performance Gauge gets its input from batch selection and seconds per unit which is selected by the user. The value from total counts is also used and obtained directly from Quality Gauge.

Total OEE Gauge

Total OEE gauge combines all the above factors to one Key Performance Indicator

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