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Batch Selector

The batch selector is used to import and display batch numbers, it is normally used in conjunction with a graph to display a single, or several, batches over a period of time.

The batch selector is in of itself not very advanced, it only has two inputs and takes only one type of data, Batch IDs.

Standard batch selector setup before updating the IDs, to do that simply click the ‘Update’ button in the batch selector’s body

This is how the batch selector will look after clicking update, it can be sorted by line, name, start and stop time.

The batch selector can also be used in conjunction with a graph to display a batch over time, a single graph can actually display the output of multiple batch selectors at once.

To display the batch selector’s data on a graph, first open a graph.

Then click batch selection instead of Real Time and select the batch selector that was created before.

After the batch selector has been selected, choose what to display, to create a visual graph choose something which is numeric and not text based, press apply to save changes, then go back to the batch selector and click which batches are to be displayed.

After this has been done, click apply and navigate back to the graph.

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