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Two Column Table

The two column table or just column table is a simpler version of the batch selector, instead of importing batches it shows all data types in a text format instead of graphically like the graph, it automatically updates the data shown and there can be set a low and high region like the gauge
where a row appears in either blue for low or red for high.

The two column table has 4 inputs, much akin to the gauge, it has a high and low regions that can be set, it also has an input for how many rows of data should be shown at once, it currently has a set limit of 500 to keep it snappy and reduce load.

The 1st input is a title for the widget, this input is universal with all widgets.

The 2nd input is the low region, this decides under what value the rows get designated as low, turning them blue.

A table with low region with value 25, this means anything under 25 becomes blue, such as 24, 21 and 18.
A table with a high region with value at 35, meaning anything above 35 will become red, such as 36, 39 and 42.

The 4th input is the number of rows, this input has a range from 0 to 500, any input above 500 will just be set to 500, 200 rows is the standard amount.

Number of rows set to 10

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