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Thermometer Widget

The thermometer is a great tool to show heat, for example, system temperature.

The thermometer does not support more than one sample point at each given moment and will automatically replace the sample point if another is chosen while one already exists.

Standard thermometer setup for system temperature

1st input is a title for the widget, this input is universal with all widgets.


2nd and 3rd input is min/max value, this decides the value on the thermometer from bottom to top.

Minimum values set at -20 and maximum value set at 100

Maximum value set at 500

Maximum value set at 50

3rd input is the unit of measurement, it can be set as anything as it is currently just a text input, in this example it is set as Celsius.

Unit set as °C (Celsius)

Unit set as °F (Fahrenheit)

Unit set as K (Kelvin)

4th input controls thermometer height in of itself, meaning that a height of 200 pixels would be standard, 400 would be stretched and 100 compressed, one might decide to use this input to limit size usage or get more specific details from the thermometer.

Height set as default 200 pixels

Height set as 400 pixels

Height set as 100 pixels

5th input is the number of digits, or more accurately the number of decimals, so for example, set it to 5 and the measurements will be XXX.00000, if set to 2 it would be XXX.00 instead.

Number of decimals set to 2

Number of decimals set to 5

Number of decimals set to 0

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