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Secomea Release 7.3


This article will provide information on the Secomea 7.3 Release.


Secomea Release 7.3 - Public Release

Notable new content:


  • SHA-256.
    • In 7.3 we have upgraded the HASH function from SHA-1 to SHA-256 on all communication between SiteManager - GateManager - SiteManager. This will not have a direct impact on you as this update happens automatically.


  • Free SiteManager embedded License.
    • All new GateManager Servers will have a free SiteManager Embedded license installed.
  • In-browser Siemens Support.
    • The service In-browser will now support most Siemens HMI panels.


  • Wifi AP mode.
    • Most SiteManagers has been updated with a Wifi Mode Drop down, this can be used to select how a Secomea enabled Wifi USB dongle will function.
  • MTU Size.
    • MTU size is now configurable for UPLINK Interface.
  • Enhanced Troubleshooter tool.
    • Troubleshooter tool has been updated so you can choose what part of the tool you want to load, parts not selected does not load. This is accomplished using arguments at the end of the url. An example: .../tshoot?format=json&filter=system+io
  • Improved international support, and improved support for dual-IMSI SIM cards.
    • Several optimizations have been made to accommodate the use of International SIM cards with or without multiple IMSI numbers. Additional approaches have been taken to recover lost connectivity.


New in Release New in Release 7.3

Release Notes: https://kb.secomea.com/hc/en-us/articles/115005108409
Downloads: https://kb.secomea.com/hc/en-us/categories/115000145425

Creation date: 13/01/2020 20:50 (skr@secomea.com)      Updated: 06/05/2021 09:18 (jmp@secomea.com)