Downloads: SiteManager and SiteManager Embedded


This article will provide Download links for SiteManager software.

Download Links:

SiteManager Firmware (all models) 

Name Contains Type
 Secomea SiteManager Firmware (ZIP file)  Latest firmware for all SiteManagers  zip

Please note: Because of new Firmware numbering after upgrading to 9.1 the "upgrade" button will keep showing in the GateManager when choosing the SiteManager - this is solved once GateManager 9.1 is released in January - read more here.

 SiteManager Embedded Windows
Name Version Type
SiteManager Embedded (32/64bit) Windows Installer 8.4.18494  exe


SiteManager Embedded Linux

Name Version Type
SiteManagerEmbedded_Linux v6111 (INSTALLER) NO DCM 9.1  tgz
SiteManagerEmbedded_Linux v6311 (INSTALLER) WITH DCM 9.1  

SiteManagerEmbedded_RasberryPi_v6122 (Binary)

8.3.18404  tgz

SiteManager Embedded RaspberryPi V6122 (INSTALLER)

SiteManagerEmbedded_BeagleBone_v6123 8.3.18404  tgz
SiteManagerEmbedded_NetComWireless_v6135 8.3.18404  ipk


Release Notes:

Release Notes 

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