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GateManager Service Matrix - (Appendix1)

Domain administrator account

A Domain administrator controls everything in the customer domain. He can create LinkManager users, co-admins, subdomains and action/alerts.


Unlimited SiteManagers connected

There is not a limit of connected SiteManagers to any of the Secomea GateManagers.


Action & Alerts

to create Action and Alerts.


LogTunnel & Usage Statistics

Can be enabled on customer domain on the hosted Secomea solution. (one time fee)

Can be added for for the entire server with GateManager own.(one-time fee)

LogTunnel is The Secomea product where you can create “static connections” between endpoints.

See our Knowledgebase for more info.

Usage Statistics is the module that can generate a scheduled report with usage data. 


SMS (*Your choice of SMS Service Provider)

For the Secomea hosted GateManager, you can for a one-time fee have SMS enabled on your domain.

For The GateManager own, you need to configure your own SMS provider or use a local SIM in a Local SiteManager(with SIM)


Phone / E-mail support via Distributor

Traditional product support is provided through your point of purchase.

Secomea Headquarter is providing support for End-Customers of Secomea and to our distributors.


Priority Response Time

With the Hosted solution as well as standard GateManager own, support requests are answered within one business day (8 business hours)

For the Service and VIP Package, requests are answered within 4 business ours.

*The priority response time is only guaranteed for direct Secomea Customers/Distributors.


Static Relays

A powerful tool similar to LogTunnel, but only for GateManager own.

It offers the possibility to easy interconnect endpoints with each other or a server local to the GateManager.

Can also be used to tunnel specific targe-servers through the GateManager connection instead of directly from SiteManager to server. (Mail relays as an example)


See our Knowledgebase for more info.


Full API Access

With the GateManager own, you can use our API to interact with the GateManager.

Create users, move licenses, create domains, move appliances etc. 

Smart for integrating with other systems. (CRM, AD)


Own DNS Name

The Secomea Hosted servers are all named gmXXX.secomea.com, with your own GateManager you can choose freely, Example: GateManager.CompanyName.Com


Customized front page - Own Logo on Loginpage

Instead of the standard login screen to the GateManager hosted by Secomea, you can create your own with your own colors/logo.


Assistance for creating own LogIn page

Secomea Support offers assistance creating the login page for the Service and VIP package GateManager own users.


Adjust Security parameters

With the GateManager Own, you can choose password strength, how many login attempts before lockout. How long to be lockout. How long the lifetime of onetime password. SMS valid time and other timer specific parameters.

Block certain ports, firewall/blacklist/whitelist users, run in offline environment.

Custom connection ports. 


Adjust E-mail /Alerts / Custom templates

All templates can be adjusted to your needs.Welcome email, alert emails.


Service windows agreed with you

The Secomea Hosted GateManagers need to be rebooted upon firmware upgrade as well as other maintenance schedules. This is done with minimum a week’s notice nd the date is set by Secomea.

With the GateManager OWN, you decide when to upgrade/do maintenance. If hosted by Secomea (VIP) We will, together with you plan all upgrades/service windows.


LinkManager cut-off option

When the auto disable time expires on the Secomea hosted GateManagers, the LinkManager User can continue using the remote connection until logging off or manually disconnecting the remote connection; after that, the LinkManager User cannot make further remote connections.


With GateManager own, you can control the Cut-off to either behave as in the above statement or to “kick off” the LinkManager when the timer expires.


Local Terms for users to accept.

With the GateManager own, you can adjust the local terms for the users to accept. 



Export Audit / syslog to third party

On the GateManger OWN you can export syslog (Server log) and Audit log (user log) to third party systems. It could be for statistics or monitoring purposes.


Custom download links

With the GateManager own, you can use the build in webserver for file sharing.

It could be software, documentation.


Deployment assistance / Linux competence (4 hours)

For the GateManager own Service package we offer 4 hours of linux consultancy to make sure the GateManager and Linux is installed and running after best practice. (Deployment)

It can also be used to upgrade/maintain the Linux installation.


Direct access to Secomea 3rd Level support

With the Service and VIP package, the end-customer are allowed to get direct access to Secomea Support. The entire Support team will know the customer and their Setup. 


Preview Release Access

With the Service and VIP package, we will offer access to our Preview GateManager. This means the customer can test new feature before they are publicly released.


Upgrade assistance

With the Service and VIP package, Secomea will assist creating the best upgrade strategy of the GateManager for the end-customer. Best practice in how to notify the users of the GateManager and help you upload and upgrade the server. We will also be available in the agreed timeslot in case of any issues.


Priority customer - We know who you are

With the Service and VIP package, we consider the customer special. It means that the entire support/presales team will know the customer. We will know their setup, contact persons, if there is any customizations we will know about it. 


Release Notification & Go through of new features 

Whenever there is a new release, we will contact the customer and walk it through/do a demo.


Secure Backup validation

Secomea will ensure that there is nightly backup of the GateManager. We will also make sure and validate/test if the backup works properly.


24/7 monitoring and 99,6% uptime

Secomea will monitor and make sure the GateManager is always running. 

We guarantee 99.6 % uptime.




Migration assistance

With the Service and VIP package, we will assist in migrating from an existing GateManager or the Secomea Hosted GateManager.

This means, planning of migration, move of SiteManagers, Licenses etc.


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