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Secomea Glossary

Secomea Glossary:

SiteManager - The device "on-site", Edge gateway, the device on the "machine" on the factory floor.
LinkManager - The Client that creates the "Link" to the equipment.
GateManager - The M2M server opening and closing the "gate" for Clients. Heart in the system.
LinkManager Mobile - Lightweight browser-based client, limited to specific services (RDP, WEB, VNC)
License Portal - The Web portal that handles the ordering of licenses/starter packages
Domain - A "folder" for organizing objects in the GateManager, like SiteManagers and users.
Domain Token - The address of "folder" in the GateManager tree structure.
DEV - Default ethernet Device net for all your devices (similar to LAN of a traditional router)
DEV2 -
USB ports for devices (Can be mounted in the LinkManager (Windows))
- Default Ethernet interface for internet access (similar to WAN on a traditional router)
UPLINK2 - The secondary interface for internet access (3G, 4G, WiFi)
GTA - Go To Appliance - Often referred to when we use the services, WEB, RDP, VNC directly from GateManager portal or LinkManager Mobile
GTD - Go To Device
GUI - Graphical User Interface - Often used when we "go to SiteManager GUI" (Access SiteManager Web interface)
NTP - Network Time Protocol - used to synchronize time between different network devices.
LogTunnel - Secomea invented point to point connection meant for building infrastructure
Static Relays - Point to point connections between SiteManagers or GateManager<->SiteManagers.
HMI - Human Machine Interface
PLC - Programmable Logic Controller
IoT - Internet of Things
IIoT - Industrial Internet of Things
IPC - Industrial Personal Computer
RDP - Remote Desktop Protocol ( Remote desktop tool - primarily for windows)
VNC - Virtual Network Computing (Remote desktop tool - works cross-platform)
DCM - Data Collection Module
DCC - Data Collection Cloud (by Secomea)
Collector - Combination of Agent & Part of DCM config file that defines which registers in the end-device is sampled
SamplePoint/Tag - Definition in the DCM config file of which register is sampled.
Sample - The individual values sampled.
Dataserver - Combination of Certificates installed and Part of DCM config file that defines which IoT cloud(s) is used for data delivery.

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