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Configure a SiteManager with an USB stick


This article will provide information on how to setup a SiteManager XX29, XX39 and XX49


A SiteManager unit.
A Windows PC that can access the GateManager that is going to be used.
A USB Key to place the configuration file on.

Basic Questions

What is a SiteManager ?

SiteManager is the hardware (or software) that you place in your remote location where you would want to gain access to a device. Its easy to set up, easy to use and and easy to configure both remote and locally.

What are the power requirements of the SiteManager ?

SiteManager must be fed 12 - 24V DC, power should be applied to the GND and +V terminals only it is also recommended to connect the earth ground in order to reduce interference of noise.
The official power voltage tolerance for the SiteManager is 5% tolerance. (25.2V).

Basic setup and usage

Initial setup guide.

  1. Login to the GateManager and press the domain you wish the SiteManager to be part of.

  2. On the right-hand side click the USB icon next to the "Create USB Configuration:" field.


  3. GateManager will open the window seen below - fill out the "Appliance Name:" - you can also fill out the other fields if you already know what they are going to be.

  4. Click the "Create" button - and save the file - after that copy it to the root of your USB stick.

  5. Power on the SiteManager and wait for "POWER" to have a permanent green light and "STATUS" to have a permanent red light or is blinking 2 times red.

  6. Insert the USB stick into one of the USB slots and wait "STATUS" led to start blinking, then remove the USB stick.

  7. When both the "POWER" and "STATUS" have a green light your SiteManager is ready to be used.

  8. It will show up in GateManager with the Appliance Name you gave it and have a green checkmark.

  9. The SiteManager is now ready to be used.
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