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Installing LinkManager from Microsoft Edge


This article will provide information about how to install LinkManager from your Microsoft Edge browser.


Please follow this guide step by step to easily install LinkManager on your computer, this guide will show how to do it from a Microsoft Edge browser if you are using another browser use the guides below:
Google Chrome

NOTE: If you already have the 7.4 or earlier version of LinkManager installed follow the " Installing LinkManager 8 with LinkManager 7 already installed ". 
  1. Follow the How to login to LinkManager, once logged in this is how the LinkManager Portal looks like in Microsoft Edge.

  2. Click on the 2 green arrows in the lower left corner.

  3. The browser will now try to detect LinkManager.

  4. Because LinkManager is not installed, it will show the “LinkManager not running!” message seen below.
    Click “Install LinkManager” button to download the installer.

  5. Once it has finished downloading, run the installer file.
    Note: you will administrative rights to run the installer file, but not to run LinkManager after it have been installed.

  6. Click ”Next” on the Welcome to LinkManager Setup window.

  7. Read the License Agreement, then select “I Agree” to continue the installation.

  8. On “Choose Install Location” it shows where the LinkManager will be installed and it can be changed if necessary. Click “Install” to continue.

  9. The installation will now start.

  10. LinkManager will now complete the installation process, once it is done, click on “Close”.

  11. Click on “Start LinkManager”.

  12. The LinkManager Service will now be started

  13. It will now detect LinkManager and you can return to the GateManager window.

  14. In the GateManager window it will show “LinkManager: Ready” in the lower left corner.

  15. You can click the following link to learn how to use LinkManager

NOTE: you can now use LinkManager in any other browser on your computer now that it has been installed.

Creation date: 11/12/2019 14:41 (skr@secomea.com)      Updated: 22/03/2020 23:33 (anh@secomea.com)