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Using LinkManager


This article will provide information about how to use and work with LinkManager on the GateManager Web Portal.


Before you start, make sure that you've got LinkManager installed and that you are logged in to your LinkManager account.

Here are some guides on how to install and login to your LinkManager account:

How to install LinkManager in Google Chrome

How to install LinkManager in Microsoft Edge

How to install LinkManager in Mozilla Firefox

How to login with a LinkManager account

If you have previously used LinkManager version 7.4 or earlier versions, read the article Migrating LinkManager version to learn what's changed.

  1. When you are logged in you will be presented with the overview page.

    On the left-hand side you can see the SiteManagers and Appliance agents arranged in a folder structure (domains and subdomains), showing which SiteManagers and end-devices are available to you.

    On the Right-hand side there is a detail view with information about the selected device.

    Here you will also find the "Connect" and "Connect All" buttons, this is where you can establish a connection to the selected device. There might be other buttons like "SiteManager GUI", "VNC" or "RDP" depending on which services are configured in the SiteManager Agents.

  2. When connected, the right-hand side will show you details about the connection like packets sent and received, latency and bandwidth.

  3. To open a service on the end-device (e.g. a web-page) click on the  icon.

    The Popup window will show a link to the appliance service (GTA), which will take you to the service (the web page, in this case, http/https) any other service will only show the IP as text.
    You are also able to see the ports that are opened.

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