LinkManager 8 known browser limitations

LinkManager 8 implementation varies through browser types.

We currently support Google Chrome , Opera , Mozilla Firefox , Microsoft Edge , Microsoft Internet Explorer and Safari (without the connect option, see below for more information).

Browser says that LinkManager is installed, but i do not have it installed.
Browsers can get to a state where they think LinkManager 8 is installed when it’s not.
When the LinkManager is initially installed, browser sessions will save the serial number of the LinkManager 8 in Local Storage.
This means that when this serial number is present the browser will assume the LinkManager 8 is installed, even though it could have been removed afterwards.
Just reinstall the LinkManager to remedy this situation - you can find the download link via the troubleshoot - you can find the guide to it HERE .

Why is there no connect button in Safari ?
Safari is not supported on Windows, and therefore it is not supported byLinkManager 8. It is possible to login with a LinkManager account, although no “Connect” option will appear.

Does Cliqz work with LinkManager 8 ?
As Cliqz is gaining popularity. It was used for testing as well, but is not officially supported.
As it is a Mozilla port it has the same functionality as FireFox and is likely to perform exactly as FireFox does.

I get a "retry connection" in Firefox, what does it mean ?
Due to the architecture of FireFox, a pop-up window like below could appear.
This will be fixed in the next GateManager version.
To fix the issue, just click “yes” to retry the connection.

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