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How to enable the "Telnet" button in LinkManager


This article will provide information about how to configure the "Go to Appliance" (GTA) button for a Telenet connection with LinkManager release 8.3 release and newer.


Please follow this guide step by step, and it will explain how to enable the "Telnet" button in LinkManager.

  1. First login to the LinkManager and find the SiteManager you want to access ( guide here ) and then click the "SiteManager GUI" button

  2. Click the "Edit" button to the right of "5. Device agents" in the list.

  3. If you have an already existing agent you want to enable Telnet to click the "Parameter details" button, else follow the " Getting Started Guide " to learn how to create an agent.

  4. in the "Extra GTA Service field type "telnet,23" and then click Save.

  5. Refresh the LinkManager view.

  6. Select the agent and you now have the "Telnet" Button, if you click the light bulb you can choose which action happens upon clicking the "Telnet" button.

  7. If you connect to the agent via the "Connect" button you need to click the "i" icon and click the Telnet (PuTTY) button - this will connect you to the IP on port 23.

  8. Clicking the "Telnet (PuTTY)" button and the PuTTY program will open.

Creation date: 11/12/2019 14:36 (skr@secomea.com)      Updated: 14/04/2021 11:11 (ran@secomea.com)