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SMS Authentication


SMS Authentication will provide more security when logging on to the LinkManager and LinkManager Mobile accounts.


The new SMS authentication is available for both LinkManager and LinkManager Mobile accounts.


1. The GateManager must have the SMS service enabled. (All Secomea Hosted GateManagers has SMS service enabled) 

2. The account using SMS authentication must have a mobile phone number registered under “Mobile:”.
3. The Domain where the accounts are placed must have SMS service enabled (Contact your point of purchase to order the SMS Service).

LinkManager Mobile
When using LinkManager mobile or LinkManager, create an account with the following parameters:

Then login to the GateManager through the normal LinkManager/LinkManager Mobile username/password page. After successful login, an SMS text will be sent to your mobile:

And the following will be displayed on LinkManager :

And the following will be displayed on LinkManager Mobile :

Enter the code and click “Login”.

If the code is not entered within 100 seconds, the page will time-out:

Pre 7.2 LinkManagers (IMPORTANT!) IMPORTANT: When using a LinkManager version before 7.2, it will not have the SMS authentication feature implemented.
This will leave the user without the code input box. See screenshot:

It will not be possible for the user to login with this version of the LinkManager

Other information
When the passcode has been used, it will stay valid for 12 hours for the local LinkManager in this period you can log in without using the SMS code.
There are 3 attempts to enter the SMS code. Then this will be displayed:

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