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Local NTP setup needed for DCM config to work after version 9.0.17_19162.

Getting "Wait for NTP to synchronize" or "Waiting for NTP to be enabled or configured" error message ? 

With version 9.0.17 (19162) the timestamp tools has been changed, so in the future you will need to have a NTP pool configured to use the Data Collection module.

With version 9.1 (619491006) a new option in DCM config file allows the user to disable the need for a NTP setup.
This is done with the config file entry "WaitForNTP": false in the general config file section.

See general section example at appendix A below.   

The below displayed NTP setup is highly recommend when using AWS or Azure as IoT cloud services


The NTP can be configured in SiteManager GUI > System > Time


Time Zone offset has no effect as all timestamps used are in UTC.

Please insert a valid NTP server pool. 

You can use time.google.com or ntp.secomea.com

or you can find links to local NTP pools here , However the possibility of being blocked or ignored (NTP KoD) is high when using a public NTP pool without subscription.  

Appendix A:

"ConfigName": "Name the entire config",
"ConfigDescription": "Describe the entire config",
"CheckpointInterval": 600,
"AlarmsSaved": 10,
 "WaitForNTP": false,
"Collectors": [
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