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How long can the SiteManager retain data during connection loss ?

It's very difficult to give an exact time for how long the SiteManager can retain data.

It depends on a number of factors such as:

  • Number of sample points,
  • size of the individual sample point,
  • Sample rate

The store'n'forward will fill up with all samples during a connection loss to the cloud. 

The S'n'F DB has a capacity of:

11xx/33xx: 80 Mbytes

15xx/35xx: 80 Mbytes + use of SD-card storage
(Performance may deteriorate due to the speed of the SD-card)

See DCM > Status for info on Ingoing rate, Outgoing rate & Store'n'forward usage.

This will give an estimate of the Store'n'forward timeframe at current samplerate.


See DCM > Status > details for info on your device.

The SampleDataType sizes:

Type Store'n'forward size
“bool” (1 bit) 1 byte
“sbyte” (8 bit signed) 1 byte
“byte” (8 bit unsigned) 1 byte
“int16" (16 bit signed) 2 bytes
“uint16” (16 bit unsigned) 2 bytes
“int32" (32 signed) 4 bytes
“uint32” (32 bit unsigned) 4 bytes
“int64" (64 bit signed) 8 bytes
“uint64” (64 bit unsigned) 8 bytes
“float” (32 bit) 4 bytes
“double” (64 bit) 8 bytes
“string” (variable text up to 24575 bytes. Includes terminating NULL) <=24575 bytes
“data” (variable data up to 24575 bytes) <=24575 bytes

This article covers

SiteManager models 

11xx/33xx with firmware v9.0_19075 or higher

15xx/35xx with firmware v9.0.25 or higher

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