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Getting Started with DCM - Data Collection Cloud by Secomea

Preparing the DCC for adding a SiteManager DCM

Login to https://dcc.secomea.com

Add GateManager if not already added. (if added please skip the #### section)


Howto add a GateManager/Domain to the DCC.

Goto your GateManager account and add a LinkManager Mobile account
(no spaces allowed in the Account Name)

(Username/password - No License needed - This will send you a mail with one time password)

Logoff the GateManager and login to LinkManager Mobile account to create a permanent password. https://YourGmURL eg. https://gm08.secomea.com

Choose LinkManager Mobile login

Login using the account details from the mail just received

Accept the terms, an email with the terms can be delivered if wanted.

Create the new permanent password for the DCC LinkManager mobile account.

Now you are logged in to the Linkmanager mobile account and should be able to see you domain and SiteManagers available in the LinkManager Mobile account location.

Logoff the LinkManager Mobile account.

Login to https://dcc.secomea.com

Under Customer Setup click

Fill in the details:

GateManager name:
A descriptive name (Demo or Test are not descriptive)

  • Company + Domain of the LMM  account used would be better.

FQDN: The GateManager URL eg: demo-gm.secomea.com or gmxx.secomea.com

LinkManager Mobile Username of the account created

LinkManager Mobile Password of the account created

Click Verify to check the connection between DCC and GateManager (LinkManager Mobile account)


Preparing the SiteManager DCM to be added to the DCC

Create your DCM config file and import it in SiteManager GUI > DCM > Import.

First time users can use this pre-prepared file: SIM2DCC example

Goto SiteManager GUI > GateManager > Agents and create an agent for the data collection. (Any predefined agents will also work, just tick the DCM check box on the right side, DCM colum.)

In the Parameter details page add the Collectorname value from the DCM configuration file.

Restart the DCM : SiteManager GUI > DCM > Restart.

Now return to the DCC to retrieve the certificates for installation

Click the next to the GateManager name and the devices will appear in the tree structure on the left.

Locate the DCM in IOT Administration, and click “Setup certificate for this DCM”

Give it a name, and click “create”

Then copy / paste the 3 certificates into the DCM cert-store.

The first one is the ROOT CA certificate, next is the Device Certificate and last is the Device Key. Make sure to select the proper types in the drop-down menu in the DCM.

Installing certificates in the SiteManager

In SiteManager GUI > DCM > Certificates
add the certificates from the DCC with the names from the DCM config file:

"RootCAName": " dccrootca ",

"DevCertName": " dccdevcert ",

"DevPkeyName": " dccprivkey "

The highlighted name must match the name from the DCM config file for each type of certificate.

  • DCC RootCA
  • DCC Device Certificate
  • DCC private key

After the DCM has restarted, you should see the samples being delivered to the DCC-pilot:

When the above configuration is finished. The GateManager, DataCollectionModule/SiteManager and DataCollectionCloud should be connected with these connections:

Now it's time to learn more about the DCM config file and how to set it up for your devices:

JSON config file basic structure

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