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Protocols used in Data Collection Module


Currently we are proud to support these possibilities.

As Collectors:

  • Modbus TCP
  • OPC UA
  • Siemens S-7 (S7-200, S7-300, S7-1200)
  • Rockwell (1769)
  • http/rest (Generic)

As Dataservers:

  • DCC, Secomea Cloud
  • Azure (AMQP)
  • Amazon (MQTT)
  • Cumulocity (http/REST)
  • Schneider Electric Machine Advisor (EcoStruxture)
  • Alibaba

Not finding your protocol/cloud ?  Help us to improve the possibilities !

Please vote for future protocols:

Collector protocol

Dataserver / Cloud

Creation date: 11/12/2019 14:06 (skr@secomea.com)      Updated: 02/09/2020 12:16 (tvo@secomea.com)