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Getting Started with DCM - Azure IoT Hub

Purpose of the article is to get started with getting simulated data delivered to Azure IoT Hub.


  • Knowledge of SiteManager configuration. See SiteManager getting started guides.
  • An Azure IoT Hub account Start a free trial here
  • A SiteManager with release 9.0 or higher

    Note: From version 9.0.17 (19192) DCM requires NTP to be enabled in the SiteManager.
  • See more info here.

Goto SiteManager GUI and create an agent with DCM enabled.

(Choose a Generic / Data Collector Module device)

Click the parameter details icon

Add a DCM collector name (dcmcn) for associating the Agent and the DCM collector config.

(Remember the name for later use)

Click save

Goto DCM > import and import the below configuration file (Can be downloaded by clicking the picture)

Goto DCM > Status and copy the device "Edge ID" value.

Log in to your Azure account and go to Iot Hub->

Go to Iot Hub->

Press the [Add] button and fill in the device Edge ID, select Authentication Type "Symetric Key" and press [Save]

Click on the device Edge ID in your list of IoT Devices to view the Certificates and Keys.

Now copy the "Connection String -- Primary Key" into your clipboard.

Log into the SiteManager GUI and go into DCM->Certificates and press [New]. Select type "Azure Connection String", give it a name (fx. azurecs) click the document icon (next to save)

Paste the connection string from the clipboard. Press [Save].

Go to SiteManager GUI DCM->Edit and enter this configuration, where the "ConnectName" field value is the name of the connection string value you created in the previous step  (eg. azurecs).

Goto DCM > Restart and restart the DCM incl the Store'n'forward DB.

Goto DCM > Status and check that the dataserver is connected and sending data to the cloud.

Now it's time to learn more about the DCM config file and how to set it up for your devices:

JSON config file basic structure

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