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Widgets overview

This section will be a general description of widgets, how to add them and u se them.

Widgets have a head and a body.

In the header, the name of the widget and top level function buttons such as edit and delete can be found (left icon and right icon respectively),the header is also draggable such that the widget can be moved around, it indicates this by turning dark when dragged.

Underneath the header the body will be found, here the graph, table, map ect. will be located.
In the bottom right corner there is a small icon, this icon can be dragged to make the widget larger or smaller depending on need.

Widget Configurator

The widget configurator is the essential tool to make and edit widgets, it functions as a design interface allowing for easily implementation of graphs,tables etc.

Widget Configurator Breakdown

Here the different parts of the widget configurator will be broken down, the before mentioned thermometer will be used as an example.
This is the input selection window, here DCMs and their respective outputs can be selected to be used as input.

Once the input has been selected, such as SystemTemperature for this example, it appears as an Input Line, here it can be given a name, colour or deleted.

Different types of widgets have different options on the Input Line. This is the value inputs, here it is available to specify:

The name of the widget,
Max value for heat,
Type of measurement Unit,
Thermometer height and
Number of decimals (Such as
2 for .00 or 5 for .00000).

Lastly there are the function buttons of the widget configurator, ‘Close’ to close the configurator and ‘Apply’ to apply changes (Remember to apply before closing).

Available widgets:


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