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SiteManager GUI - Log & View/Forward/Clear


This displays the entire log, and scroll the browser window to the last page of the log.
The time-stamp on the last line of the log shows when the log was displayed.

Below the log, there is a form which allows you to apply a view filter to the log; in the Filter: text box you can specify a string with wildcards that must be present in the log messages that you want to view. The wildcard characters are: "*" which matches any string (including the empty string), and "?" which matches any single character. For example, to match any IP address in a specific subnet, use "10.0.1.*".
Then press "Apply" to view the filtered log; press "Apply" again to refresh.

To view the entire log again, press "View All". You can also press this to refresh the log, or refresh by pressing "View" again on the 2nd-level menu - or by using Refresh on your browser.


Force-forward a copy of the log to the e-mail recipient you set in Log > Setup .


Force-clear the log.

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