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SiteManager GUI - Log & Setup

  • Log Debug Messages
    Setting this to Yes means that the frequent and often very verbose debug log messages will be recorded in the system log.
    Note: Enabling this may in some cases reduce the overall system performance, so it is recommended to only enable this if you are actually trying to resolve a specific problem, and need additional system information to do so.
  • System Watchdog
    The system watchdog constantly monitors that various critical system processes are running, and automatically restarts the SiteManager if one of these processes terminates unexpectedly.
  • Forward Interval
    Select how often to forward a copy of the log file on a regular interval.
  • Forward Log When Full
    Select if the log should be forwarded when full (approximately 500 KB). This is completely independent of the forward interval above; even if you choose "never" as "forward interval", you can choose "forward when full".
    Note: There is no way that you can schedule forwarding before a reboot. If you want to preserve the contents, before rebooting use Log > View and copy the contents to a file, or force a forwarding (Log > Forward).
  • Recipient E-mail Address
    Enter the e-mail address of the recipient of forwarded logs.

SMTP Setup

  • SMTP Server
    Enter the IP address (or DNS name) of a mail server to be used for sending outgoing mail.
    Optionally, you can enter a port number in this field as well; this is done by typing a colon (:) and the port number after the IP address/DNS name. If you don't enter a port number, the standard SMTP port (25) will be used.
    If you leave this field empty (or enter, the mail server for the recipient's domain will be looked up via DNS.
  • SMTP Auth Username
    User name used for SMTP Authenticaion.
  • Sender Password
    Password used for SMTP Authentication.
    Note: If any of the SMTP Server, AMTP Auth Username, or SMTP Auth Password parameters are not configured, SMTP Authentication will not be attempted, and the message is more likely to be rejected as spam.
  • Sender E-mail Address
    Optionally enter the e-mail address to be used as sender when submitting alert mails.
    If this field is left empty, the SMTP Auth Username (above) will be used if it is a valid e-mail address.
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