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SiteManager GUI - Status & Troubleshoot

The troubleshoot function performs a comprehensive connectivity test for this SiteManager including interfaces, routes, agents, VPN tunnels etc, and verifies that configured addresses and services are valid and reachable using the ARP, ICMP (Ping) and DNS protocols.

For each test, the troubleshoot function will assign a severity level ( ok (green) , low (grey) , medium (yellow) , or high (red) ) which gives a subjective indication of the severity of potential problems with the configuration or connectivity of the SiteManager.

The information is organized in following groups:


A legend for the colors (and numeric values) for the meaning of the severity level for each value.


Information about hardware and software version.
The following information is verified:

  • Reboot needed:
    There are pending configuration changes which will not take effect until the SiteManagers is rebooted.


Information about the connection to the GateManager.

Network Interfaces

The following information is verified for all network interfaces:

  • The link state is assumed to be UP.
  • The IP address is checked for duplicates on it's local network (using the ARP protocol)
  • The DHCP server (if the interface uses DHCP) is checked to see if it is reachable (using ARP or ICMP).
  • The DNS servers (if defined) are checked to see if they can resolve the GateManager's DNS name (or www.secomea.com).
  • The subnet is checked for overlap with all other interface subnets.

VPN Tunnels

Information about all configured VPN tunnels:

  • Every tunnel is assumed to be UP. This is verified.

Routes and gateways

The following information is verified for each static or default route which forwards via a point-to-point interface:

  • If route's interface is a point-to-point interface, the gateway is checked to see if it is reachable (using ICMP).
    Note: On point-to-point interfaces toward ISPs, the gateway will typically not answer ICMP (ping) for security reasons.

For static and default routes which do not go via a point-to-point interface, the following is verified:

  • The gateway IP address is on the local subnet of the interface.
  • The gateway IP address is reachable (using ARP).

GateManager Agents

The following information is verified for the currently enabled agents:

  • If the agent has a target IP address, it is verified to be reachable (using APR or ICMP).


Information about the current state of the I/O pins on this unit.

Troubleshoot API for integrators:

The troubleshoot information is also available in JSON and TEXT formats which can be used as an API for other systems, and it can be obtained without username/password authentication, if it is requested from a device that is directly attached to one of the SiteManager's interfaces (i.e. not via a router).

The troubleshoot URL is:


where IPADDR is an interface address on the SiteManager, and FORMAT is one of html , json , or text .
Without any FILTER selectors, the entire troubleshoot information is returned for the URL. When you add one or more FILTER selectors, only the selected sections are returned. Possible filter selectors are: gm , agents , routes , ifaces , dns , dhcp , probe , io , and vpn . The dns , dhcp , and probe selectors are only used with ifaces . When you specify a filter, the legend section and all help-texts are omitted unless you also specify legend and/or help , resp.

Example: To get just the GateManager and IO-port status in JSON format, use

For backward compatibility, the following URL syntax is also supported:

Example: To get just the GateManager and IO-port status in Json format, use

For backward compatibility the following URL syntax is also supported:


Creation date: 11/12/2019 13:26 (skr@secomea.com)      Updated: 21/08/2020 11:42 (pnl@secomea.com)