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SiteManager GUI- GateManager & Server Relays & Aliases

If you need to configure multiple Server Relays for a given Interface on this SiteManager, and those Server Relays use different local Server Virtual Addresses, you need to define those addresses as aliases for the corresponding Device Interface.

Note: The SiteManager will respond to ARP requests for the IP addresses entered here.

  • Disable
    You can disable (rather than remove) an alias if you are implementing a new address allocation scheme, or you are troubleshooting address allocation problems.

  • IP Address The additional public IP address allocated to the specified interface.

  • Subnet Mask
    The subnet mask specifies the IP subnet associated with this IP address. Leave the subnet mask empty if the IP address is within the primary subnet for the interface.

  • Interface
    This specifies which interface the IP address is associated with.

  • Comment
    You can enter a comment further identifying this alias (e.g. Web server ), or you can add a note describing why a specific alias has been disabled.

  • [Wastebin icon]
    Press this icon to delete this IP alias entry.
  • [Arrow icon]
    Click and drag this icon (while pressing the mouse button) to move the alias to an arbitrary position in the list. Normally, the order is irrelevant, but you may want to view the aliases in a specific order for clarity.

  • : Insert a new alias entry at the bottom of the list.
  • : Save and activate the changes made on this page.
Creation date: 11/12/2019 13:25 (skr@secomea.com)      Updated: 16/01/2020 09:40 (skr@secomea.com)