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SiteManager GUI - Routing & Static Routes

This allows you to create one or more static routes to networks located behind a router on DEV1. The interface of the router used as gateway for a given network must be directly connected to the same subnet as one of the interfaces of this SiteManager. Enter a description of the network in question as shown in the fields below, and the route will be created.

Note: You do not need to configure routes to networks behind other VPN gateways. They will be dynamically created when tunnels are started.

  • Network
    Enter the IP address of the network.
  • Subnet Mask
    Enter the subnet mask of the network.
  • Gateway
    Enter the IP address of the gateway used to reach the network in question.
    This is not the default gateway for the SiteManager itself as set under System > UPLINK. In special cases you can leave this field blank; in such cases the SiteManager will arp for the destination address on the interface (selected below).
  • Interface
    Optionally select the interface used to reach the gateway. If you leave this blank, the SiteManager will select an interface automatically.
  • Priority
    Select the priority of this static route. Routes with High priority are consulted before both tunnels and routes to local networks, routes with Medium priority are consulted after routes to local networks but before tunnels, and routes with Low priority are consulted after both tunnels and routes to local networks.
  • : Press this icon to delete this route entry.
  • : Press this button to create a new route entry.
  • : Press this button to save the changes and activate the route(s).
Creation date: 11/12/2019 13:25 (skr@secomea.com)      Updated: 17/08/2020 12:00 (pnl@secomea.com)
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