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SiteManager GUI - System & I/O

Input/Output Ports

This page lets you view Input port status and manually toggle Output ports.

Input Ports

The Input Ports table shows the current state of the input ports, and the actions currently enabled for the ports.
Input port states can be one of ON (input is LOW, 0V) or OFF (input is unconnected or HIGH, 5V).

Local Alert actions (e.g. send an SMS) are defined under GateManager > Alerts.

GateManager actions (e.g. trigger a GateManager Alert) are defined under GateManager > General > [More>>].

By default, the IN 1 GateManager action controls whether remote management is enabled (OFF) or disabled (ON).
This allows a simple external on/off switch to be used to control remote management access.

Note: Both Local Alert and GateManager actions can be active at the same time for each Input port.

Refer to the external document "Working with I/O Ports" for more details and application notes for different usage scenarios.

Output Ports

An output port may have one of two states: ON or OFF. Depending on the SiteManager model, output ports may be "single pin" or "dual pin".
A "single pin" port (like Out2) is a digital port which is pulled towards GND when ON, and is high-impedance when OFF.
For a "dual pin" port (like Out1a/Out1b), both pins are isolated when OFF and short-circuited when ON.
Current output port states are restored after a reboot or power-on, but will be OFF during reboot cycle and power-off.

Output ports can be manually toggled ON and OFF via the "Toggle" button, but you can configure them for one of these actions:

  • GateManager Connected : the port is forced ON whenever the SiteManager is connected to the GateManager and for instance control an external status light that tells local service people whether a GateManager connection is operational or not.
  • LinkManager Connected : the port is forced ON whenever a connection is made to the SiteManager from LinkManager and when connecting with Go To Appliance from GateManager, LinkManager Mobile, or LinkManager's domain view.

By default, OUT 1 is configured for the LinkManager Connected action.
You can configure these features under GateManager > General > [More>>].

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