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SiteManager GUI - System & Time

Accurate date and time settings are very important. A new time setting takes effect when you Save the configuration page; no reboot is required.

  • Auto update via NTP
    If you choose no (default), you must enter the time and date in fields provided.
    If you choose yes (recommended), you must specify a Network Time Protocol server. The NTP server will automatically set the time and keep it updated (every 12 hours).
  • NTP Server
    Specify a DNS host name or an IP address.
    Tip: If your ISP does not offer its own NTP server, search the Internet to find an appropriate time server. A commonly used list is found at http://www.pool.ntp.org .
  • Time (HH:MM:SS)
    If you use manual time-setting, enter the current UTC time (24-hour clock). UTC is (for all practical purposes) the same as Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).
  • Date (YYYY-MM-DD)
    If you use manual time-setting, enter the current UTC date using the ISO format (YYYY-MM-DD). Alternatively you can use the US format MM/DD/YYYY(Month/Day/Year), but note that the ISO format is used on status pages and as informational text on certain GUI panels.
  • Time Zone Offset and Daylight Saving Time
    Here you can specify the local time zone as the number of hours east of UTC (a negative number means west of UTC), and whether daylight savings time is currently in effect.
    Note: At present, these settings are used only for localizing GateManager Alert Schedules.
  • Automatic Reboot
    If you want the SiteManager to be automatically rebooted daily at a specific time of day, you can specify the time here (in UTC). The actual reboot time is selected randomly at the specified time +/- 30 minutes to avoid multiple SiteManagers rebooting at exactly the same time.

Note 1: The EasyTunnel Server supplies the EasyTunnel Client with its own time settings. You should always use an NTP server on an EasyTunnel Server.
Note 2: If you disable the EasyTunnel Client functionality, you may need to check and change the Time settings.


Time Zone offset has no effect as all timestamps used are in UTC.

Please insert a valid NTP server pool. You can find links to local NTP pools here .

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