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View-only VNC Agent


This article will provide information about the View-only VNC Agent and how to set it up.


Available from GateManager Release 9.0 and SiteManager Release 9.1

This agent is for view only. Might be useful if you need users only to have a look at something, without touching anything on for example a HMI.  The agent will force the user to the IN-browser VNC. No external VNC viewer can be used.

Step 1: 

1 .Goto SiteManager GUI and create a Generic - View-only VNC agent.

Step 2:

1. Login with LinkManager and mark the agent (1). Press on the VNC button (2).

2. For the LinkManager Mobile user they will only have the In-browser VNC Viewer as a choice.

Login and click on the View Only agent (1)

3. Choose VNC (2)

4. Start the In-browser VNC Viewer (3)

5. Login to the VNC server

6. The user will not be able to click anything, just look at the screen.

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