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Auto Subnet Agent (Connect All)


This guide will provide information on what the Auto Subnet Agent is, and what functions that it has.


What is the Auto Subnet agent?
The Auto Subnet Agent is a function that allows the SiteManager to connect to a whole subnet, all agents available on the SiteManager or both at once. You connect to the Auto Subent agent by clicking on the Connect All button.

Where can the agent be configured?
The agent can be configured from the DEV1 menu in a SiteManager. The reason that it can only be configured from DEV1 is that the function where you connect to the whole subnet is only available on DEV1

How can it be configured?
There are 4 settings that you can make on the Auto Subnet agent: Disabled , Enabled , Always , Always + Static Routes.

  • Disabled , the subnet agent is never started for the DEV1 subnet.
  • Enabled (the default), the DEV1 subnet agent is automatically started provided that no active device agents have a target address in the DEV1 subnet.
  • Always , the DEV1 subnet agent is always started, even if there are device agents associated with the DEV1 subnet.
  • Always + Static Routes , the DEV1 subnet agent is always started, and in addition, it enables forwarding to the subnets specified in Static Routes which have a gateway on DEV1.
Creation date: 10/12/2019 09:55 (skr@secomea.com)      Updated: 22/04/2021 13:03 (jmp@secomea.com)