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How to make agent groups


This guide will provide information on how to connect to multiple agents at the same time without using the Connect All function. You may at some point have users or customers that only needs to be able to connect to a group of agents at the same time without being able to change setting on the SiteManager.


Device Group
You can group Agents together by naming the Agents in the following way:
$Group Name:Appliance Name
  • $Group Name = The name of the Group of agents that are going to be activated when you connect to a agent
  • Appliance Name = The name you give your SiteManager so you can tell your SiteManagers apart.

Group names can be freely chosen as long as the total length of the Device Name field does not exceed 47 characters, for example: '$group1: device1', '$group1: device2', '$group2: device1', and '$group2: device2'.
Note: The exact same characters must be used to identify a group; for example, 'line1' and 'line 1' identifies two different groups.
Groups can only be created across one SiteManager. That means that you cannot connect to different agents on multiple SiteManagers at the same time.

Connection From LinkManager
When you need to connect to a group then all you would need to do is to connect to one of the agents in the group and you will automatically connect to all agents in that group.
That means that when you connect to $Group1:Test1 in the image above you will connect to all agents that are in $Group1, as you can see below.

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