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LED Status


This article will provide information on what the different LED states are.



State (All models) STATUS CONNECT
Booting Steady RED Blink -
GateManager Connecting
or Disconnected
2 RED blink -
- Remote Management is disabled via
INPUT1 or SiteManager GUI
-SiteManager in SMS Wakeup mode
- Long pause + 2 GREEN blink
GateManager Connected On GREEN -
- UPLINK is physically disconnected, or
- GateManager configuration is missing
in the SiteManager, or
- No route to GateManager host due to
its address being configured as DNS
name and a DNS server is not configured or is not reachable/working.
On RED -
LinkManager Connected - On GREEN

State (xx39 models only)


No SIM card detected


Wrong or missing SIM Pin code 3 GREEN blink
SIM PIN code OK, but no connection.
(Troubleshoot in SiteManager GUI)
2 GREEN blink
GPRS connected (slow connection) on GREEN + 1 GREEN blink
3G connected (fast connection) On GREEN
SiteManager is in SMS Wakeup mode Long pause + 2 GREEN blink

Log LED status:
b - boot stage is complete.
c - LM connection terminated.
G - initiating GM connection.
H - initial GM connection state: not connected (normally G will follow if GM address is configured)

Example of LED Status seen in Log > System:
Jan 1 01:23:45 daemon.debug IFCONFIG: Set wwan led state: 'H'

3G USB dongle:





3G Connection

Searching for 3G

Blue 2G Connection Searching for 2G
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