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SiteManager Information


This article will provide basic information on our SiteManagers, and link to our Application notes and manuals that shows more advanced features of the SiteManager.


SiteManager is the hardware (or software) that you place in your remote location where you would want to gain access to a device. Its easy to set up, easy to use and and easy to configure both remote and locally.


Installation of a SiteManager takes around 15 minutes and only requires a computer and a power supply.

  • Power
    • Attach the power supply (12-24 V) to the GND and +V terminals.
      • Note: The official power voltage tolerance for SM is 5% tolerance. (25.2V)
        In reality, the absolute maximum is 26.4V
  • Configuration
    • Connect the DEV1 or UPLINK1 port of the SiteManager to the local network. (Or directly to your computer)
    • Download, install and run Appliance launcher from our download page
    • Power on the SiteManager
    • Click Search in appliance launcher, after 30 seconds.
    • Follow the on screen instructions.

We also have a short video with a walk-through on how set up a SiteManager:

Application Notes

Creation date: 10/12/2019 09:38 (skr@secomea.com)      Updated: 17/08/2020 08:32 (pnl@secomea.com)