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SiteManager Throughput/Performance

SiteManager 11XX/33XX Series


WiFi throughput = 14-15Mbps
WiFi-IPsec throughput = 11-12Mbps
IPSec throughput = 17-19Mbps
Forwarding speed = 70Mbps
USB throughput = 12Mbps
4G (SIMCom7100E) = 25Mbps download.
LinkManager throughput = 15Mbps

Power Consumption:

Idle mode: 24V - 0,035A / 12V - 0.08A ->> 0,9W

SiteManager 15XX/35XX Series


WiFi Client throughput
>35Mbps (5GHz (80MHz channel Width), 60%CPU load)
>20Mbps (5GHz (40MHz channel Width), 45%CPU load)
>10Mbps (2.4GHz), 30%CPU Load
WiFi AP Mode throughput:
>10Mbps (2.4GHz only available in release 9.x)
Forwarding speed = 150Mbps, [80% CPU load]
USB throughput = >18Mbps Mbps, [70%CPU load]
4G (SIMCom7100E) = >30Mbps download.
LinkManager throughput = 30Mbps[100% CPU load] (LM8 connected to an Agent on SM35xx)

Power Consumption:

Power input: 10.8V to 28.8V
Idle mode: 24V - 0,06A / 12V - 0.13A ->> 1,5W

Creation date: 10/12/2019 09:35 (skr@secomea.com)      Updated: 21/07/2020 14:55 (pnl@secomea.com)