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SiteManager 3D drawings @ Eplan


This article will provide details of SiteManager 3D drawings and Eplan


What is a .stp file?
STP is a file extension for a 3D graphic file used by CAD software.
A SiteManager shown in a 3D graphic:

To view .stp files requires a CAD program which can be easily found on the "Windows Store" by searching for "step" or "CAD".

SiteManager 1129/3329 .stp files - Download

SiteManager 1139/3339 .stp files - Download

SiteManager 1149/3349 .stp files - Download

SiteManager 1529/3529 .stp files - Download

SiteManager 1539/3539 .stp files - Download

SiteManager 1549/3549 .stp files - Download

Download - All SiteManager .stp files - Download

Find Secomea on Eplan.

Find all the SiteManagers in this article in 3D on Eplan, without using a CAD program:
Go to http://www.eplandata.de/portal/ Click on the "Secomea" logo.

A list of most Secomea SiteManagers will appear.
Click on the 1129 SiteManager to get its description and 3D view.

A full description of the SiteManager will appear.
Click on the SiteManager 3D view to see a view of the SiteManager .stp file

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