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Auto-Disable Feature


This article will provide information on the changes made to the Auto-Disable feature which took effect with GateManager Release 9.0


The Auto-Disable feature is for accounts that only need temporary or time-limited access.

This feature can be set on all Account types.

To enabled on an account, or when creating a new account, the feature is in the Account tab. 

The Auto-disable function will automatically disable the account when the selected conditions are met.

The conditions can be chosen from the dropdown box.

  • Never
    The auto-disable function is turned off.

  • On Date/Time
    The account will be disabled at the specified date and time (your time).
    The "End of day" choice means the account is disabled at midnight at the end of the specified date (your time).

  • On Next Login
    The account will be disabled the next time the user logs in on LinkManager, LinkManager Mobile, or GateManager (depending on the type of account), or at the specified date and time if the user has not logged in before then.
    Note that if the user is already logged in when you set the "Next Login" choice, the user can logout and login again before the account is disabled.

Note - The date and time are relative to the local time of the GateManager administrator that edits the account settings, so if the user is in another time zone, you may want to add or subtract hours to match the local time zone of the user.

The small changes coming when choosing "After X"

When using the After 1 day to 6 months, instead of keep showing "AfterX" it will change to the corresponding date and time.

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