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Best Practice Security Guidelines


This article will provide information on how to keep your LinkManager, SiteManager and GateManager up to date to ensure the best experience of the Secomea Solution


When using the Secomea solution we always recommend that users upgrade their LinkManager to the newest available version from our website. We also recommend that administrators keep SiteManagers updated with the newest version of the SiteManager Firmware.

How to upgrade SiteManager Firmware

  • If a SiteManager needs to be upgraded, there will be a small upgrade button next to the Firmware version on the GateManager. Click this button and choose the newest firmware.
  • To manually upgrade the firmware, you need to download the newest version from our support site: When you have to download the newest version, log into the SiteManager GUI, go to "Maintenance > Upgrade" and upload the appropriate firmware for your SiteManager model.

Information to Administrators

In the download section, you can find some documents that go over some of the recommended practice when working with the product.

  • Best Practice Security Guidelines goes over how to optimize your setup so your users can use the platform in a secure and safe way.
  • Premium Account best Practice will go over how you can use the GateManager to make a domain structure that limits the access of a given user to what is relevant, that way ensuring that people can only gain access to the devices that they need to access.

If you are running a GateManager OWN Please make sure that you are running the latest GateManager firmware, Please see the following article with information: Link

Application Notes

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