Supported browsers
  • 26 Apr 2023
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Supported browsers

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Article summary

Supported browsers.

This article covers LinkManager and GateManager from version 10.1 and will inform about known browser limitations and frequently asked questions related to the browser.
Note that all supported browsers are considered to be standard browsers.

For the LinkManager client and GateManager we currently support:

  • Google Chrome.

  • Opera.

  • Mozilla Firefox.

  • Microsoft Edge (Chromium).

  • Safari (without the connect option, see below for more information).

Known browser limitations:

The browser says that LinkManager is installed, but I do not have it installed:

Browsers can get to a state where they think LinkManager is installed when it’s not. When the LinkManager is initially installed, browser sessions will save the serial number of the LinkManager in Local Storage. This means that when this serial number is present the browser will assume the LinkManager is installed, even though it could have been removed afterward. Just reinstall the LinkManager to remedy this situation - you can find the download here

Why is there no connect button in Safari?

Safari is not supported on Windows, and therefore it is not supported by LinkManager. It is possible to log in with a LinkManager account, although no “Connect” option will appear.

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