• 11 Oct 2021
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Article summary

This article will walk through issues that users encounter from time to time, and what solution there is to the problem.


Connectivity Issues 

Q: My SiteManager won't connect to the internet after inserting the SIM card?
A: This is in most cases because the SiteManager has not been rebooted after the SIM card has been inserted into the SiteManager. In other cases, it may be that the APN or the PIN code has not been configured. Please see the following article for more details: Click here

Status LED 

Q: Uplink2 is blinking in a weird pattern, and something is not working. What should I do?
A: Please see the following article for more information about LED Blink patterns: Click here.

Signal Quality

Q: My SiteManager reports that it has a Signal quality of X, is that good?
A: The Signal ranges from 0 to 32. Where 0 is no signal and 31 is an excellent signal.

Data Usage 

Q: How much data does a SiteManager use when it's not in use?
A: Please see the following article for more information about this question: Click here.

SMS or Data only 

Q: Can I use SMS or Data only SIM cards?
A: Yes, but you need to expect that you will NOT be able to use services that the SIM card does not support.

Call to SiteManager 

Q: Can I make a phone call to the SiteManager?
A: SiteManagers does not support phone calls.

Send SMS from SiteManager 

Q: Can you send text messages from a SiteManager?
A: You can send text messages from a SiteManager. There are some different ways to accomplish this, please see the following article for more information: Click here.

Read SMS from a SiteManager 

Q: Is it possible to read incoming text messages to a SiteManager?
A: This is possible. There are some different ways of accomplishing this, please see the following article for more information: Click here.

Q: Can I use another antenna? I can't get a good signal from where the SiteManager is placed.
A: We do sell other antennas, please see: Click here.


Q: Where can I find the APN that I need to use?
A: This needs to be provided by your SIM card provider.

Remove SIM Pin code 

Q: Can I remove the SIM Pin code from a SIM card using a SiteManager?
A: Unfortunately you are not able to remove PIN Codes from SIM cards using a SiteManager, you will need to make sure that the SIM card is provided without a PIN code or remove it from a phone.


Q: I need to register my SIM card with an IMEI number, where can I find the IMEI number?
A: Goto SiteManager GUI > System > Uplink2 > Diagnostics, there you will find it under -- HW Information --.

Network Cache listing old (or Danish) network names (e.g. Telia-23820)

Q: Why does my SiteManager not connect to my local cellular providers?
A: Go to SiteManager GUI > System > Uplink2 > Diagnostics and click the "Clear Cache" button. This will clear the cached cellular providers and force a local network scan.
Cause: The SiteManager will occasionally cache Danish cellular providers as a result of the quality assurance process.

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